FALL 2017 - STCL Assignments Board
Criminal Trial Advocacy, Section (a) (Moses) - Initial Posting
Materials & First Class

Course: CRIMINAL TRIAL ADVOCACY  (Wednesdays, 1:00 - 5:00 p.m.)

Section:  (a)

Professor:  Ray Moses

First Class Date:  Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Place: Room 512T - Practice Courtroom 


Pick Up Course Materials: In advance of the first class, please pick up the returnable DVD containing the course assignments and problems for the first ten weeks. Collect the DVD from the faculty secretary, Ms. Marentes, in Room 620Tower. The DVD may be picked up from 9 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. beginning Wednesday, August 9, 2017. The course material, Assignments in Criminal Trial Advocacy, plus Moses' 1300-page Criminal Practice Manual, is furnished at the professor's expense with no cost to you, but the DVD must be returned in good condition at the end of the first ten weeks. Allow yourself enough reading time to be prepared for the the first class.

Prepare for the First Class: For the first class, several of you will have been preassigned an oral witness or lawyer role in one of the three interviewing problems contained in Assignment One of the Assignments in Criminal Trial Advocacy on the DVD. Those witness and lawyer role-playing assignments will be indicated on the First Assignment page of the web site.  In preparation for our first class meeting, each class member should prepare any written aspects of the lawyer role in the three interviewing problems. Irrespective of whether you get up as a lawyer in any problem, I  ask that you always prepare the lawyer role that you have been assigned. The exception for this and every assignment in the course is that you do not have to prepare the lawyer performance role for any problem in which you have a witness role. Starting with the first class meeting and continuing through the first ten weeks of class, kindly keep all of your written work product. (A spiral notebook or legal pad works nicely.). You will be asked to turn it in at the end of the first ten weeks for inclusion in your grade credit.

Dress for Court If You Have A Lawyer Role: Throughout the course, those with speaking lawyer roles should "dress for court." So those with preassigned lawyer roles in Assignment One should dress as you would for interviewing a client or witness in your law office or at the jail. To find out if you have a speaking role as a lawyer or client in one of the three interviewing problems in Assignment One, go to the First Assignment page. In dressing for the office or court, ask yourself, "How do I want to be perceived by others, e.g., clients, witnesses, judges, opposing counsel, trial jurors?" and "What clothes and accessories will assist me in creating that perception?" As you look at the streaming video of your performances, you will evaluate your appearance as your audience of jurors might.

All Courtroom Performances Are Filmed and Placed on Streaming Video: All class performances during the first ten weeks and the mini-trials will be filmed and available on streaming video for subsequent self-evaluation, peer review, and instructor feedback. If you wish, later in the semester you may ask Instructional Technology to make a copy of your Mini-Trial for you on your personal DVD.

Acquaint Yourself By Doing Preliminary Reading: To acquaint yourself with this course, I suggest that you scan read these pages on the course web site: Introduction, Philosophy of the Adversary Trial. Almost every frequently asked question you may have about CTA is answered on those course web pages. To prepare for Assignment One, you may find it helpful to consult the CCJA web pages: Interviewing Clients Accused of Crime and Witness Preparation. At the first class meeting, I will provide you with a password that will open all protected pages, e.g., syllabus, on the CTA course web site.

Get a Yahoo Email Address for Use in the E-Discussion Group (CTAforum)You should sign up for the CTAforum E-Discussion Group before our first class simply by going to CTAforum and signing up. You will need a Yahoo email account for this course. I strongly suggest that you open a new Yahoo email account devoted exclusively to CTA and use enough of your name in the email address to clearly identify yourself to me for purposes of giving you credit for your postings. The reason for the separate email account is that you will be receiving a lot of course related email that will clog up up your regular email account. [If you can't find time to sign up for the CTAforum in advance, be sure to come to the first class with a Yahoo email address that you will use for posting and receiving email on the CTAforum.] When you are not performing a litigation problem, you will be expected to be writing a critique of those who are performing. These critiques are to be filed weekly to the class E-discussion group, where they will be available to all members of the class.

I'm looking forward to assisting you to think, look, and act like criminal trial advocates.

RE Moses, Instructor