Only registered students may participate in the CTA Forum.  Its purpose is to provide a sounding board for students to engage in on-line critique, discussion, debate, and argumentation.  All students are required to register a Yahoo email address with the Forum.  I suggest that you create a new dedicated free email account solely for this class with Yahoo using an email address easily identifies you, e.g., rather than  Once admitted, members will post their weekly critiques to the Forum. Postings will be delivered to all members through their registered Yahoo email address. Email attachments are not permitted, but you can cut and paste. Critiques must be posted at the latest by 6:00 p.m. the Sunday following the exercises. In grading, the instructor places considerable weight on the quality and quantity of your critiques.

Once you have a Yahoo email account, the easiest way to sign up is to simply go to the CTAforum page on Yahoo and apply for membership. Be sure to indicate your name and the fact that you are a student in the (state the semester and year) CTA class. If this is too complex, you can email me your Yahoo email address, and I will subscribe you directly. Either way, you'll be notified by Yahoo that you are a member of the group.

The CTAforum group URL at which you may sign up is:

Once your subscription request has been received and you have been notified you that you have been admitted to the group, you may then post your email critiques and comments from your registered Yahoo email account to:

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